I'm David Moxey, a research associate based in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London. I work as a senior developer of Nektar++, an open source high-order finite element framework, applying it to various problems in computational fluid dynamics and aeronautics.

Research Interests

My research interests lie primarily in the field of computational fluid dynamics, although more generally I am interested in problems containing aspects of both computational mathematics and high performance computing. You can find more information on my research page, see a list of my publications or look at my CV.


My preferred form of contact is by email at dave@xyloid.org. Alternatively you can contact me by post at:

Department of Aeronautics,
Imperial College London,
South Kensington Campus,
London, SW7 2AZ.

I also have various profiles at GitHub, LinkedIn, Google Scholar and Imperial College.

Although it is not guaranteed that I will be around, I do also frequent the blackcobalt.net IRC network. Connect to irc.blackcobalt.net and join channel #phoenix.